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Ha! First one here, I’m gonna finally answer one.

Name: So, I think I see ‘Jen’ in the bottom corner and even if I don’t, I still say she looks like a Jenny. Before I thought I saw Jen, I was thinking Nia or something that starts with a N

Age: 16-20

Career/Role in Story: she looks like she works/ lives in a village doing chores around a farm

Personality: shy, quiet, and slightly independent. Definitely a people pleaser

Would you be friends with that character?: I could I guess, but tbh, she probably wouldn’t want to be my friend XD

Any other details you may have gotten from picture: she is a book lover and often runs off to her favorite hiding spot, the loft in the barn, to cry. She also apologizes way too much

What would this character’s nickname be? Why?: Well if I was right about Jenny, that would be her nickname with her name being Jennifer. She always goes be Jenny though

Character’s greatest strength: passion

Character’s fatal flaw: fear of everything but especially abandonment

Phrase that this character is likely to say: ummmm “I don’t deserve this”

Boom. Nailed that.

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