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I was looking everywhere except at my own life, it’s so funny where we get inspiration sometimes

Haha, yep. I got a major idea for one of my plots when I was just walking along a highway one afternoon. (It had nothing to do with highways, but ya know, inspiration is weird sometimes đŸ˜› )

Yeah she would probably break your wrist and then threaten you with a knife. That’s what you get when you deprive a girl from love, they think everyone and everything is a threat. It’s hard to think like her sometimes, because there’s just such a deep level of bitterness within her.

Ouch. That sounds very traumatic. I hope she finds some love eventually.

Do you mean ‘traditional’ as in Faeries, dwarves and giants, and all of that sort?

Yes, that is indeed what I mean. đŸ™‚

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