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Hey, sorry for the disappearance! I was struck by relentless inspiration, so I was very preoccupied with actually writing. (I know, shocking XD)

I think the edge the Victorians have is A) they had years of (less) blemished history to draw from and B) they decided to wear it. Not only that, but have grand paintings of them wearing it. lol.

Ah, yes. The Victorians. Their sheer weirdness has never been surpassed XD

That sounds like some serious Outline-Fu XD I guess for filling in the blanks you can always go back to Themes, world building, and most importantly, character development. They say to trim out everything that doesn’t have a purpose – and that is true – but spending a little time getting to know the people or the world goes a long way.

Yes, and I have to admit, I’m having a much easier time in the sequel when it comes to fleshing out the characters and world. Maybe it’s because I have an outside perspective I can use, or because I already know the characters better, or because a lot of things have already happened to them, but I’m just having an easier time writing it. I actually have to watch out that I don’t over-write too much.

Movies like Casablanca and Cast Away are great, but boy did Australia and Pear Harbor feel like the length of a book, lol. My favorite Drama show (and Anime, coincidentally) is Your lie in April. If you like stories centered around art (music, specifically), trauma, and growing up, its a good watch.

Okay, I have to admit, I’ve never heard of any of those movies and I’ve never watched Anime XD But generally… hmm, one of the best series I’ve recently watched was Signed, Sealed, and Delivered, which was just nice, Hallmark-movie fun (though it broke the Hallmark tradition by venturing into some pretty dark themes). Honestly, the characters and writing generally in that series was outstanding and I got way, way too attached to all the characters XD

he problem with that question is that it implies I read the whole thing, lol. If I don’t like a book, I just wont finish it XD. While I know there are worst books out there, the worst book I have read any quantity of has got to be Twilight – yes, THAT Twilight. I scrolled through the pages playing chauvinistic bingo before tossing it in the trash, lol.

LOL, I’ve never heard so many awful things about a single book, and from what I understand, it deserves all of them XD I have promised myself that I’m never, ever reading it XD

Never heard of the first; the second actually sounds funny in a really bad way (like watching B class movies XD); AND HEY! Island of the Blue Dolphins was the first book I had to read for school that I actually liked   lol. In all seriousness, I hardly remember anything from the book (I was no older than 10 at the time), but I do remember it being more of a character journey sort of story.

I have to confess, for the second one, I actually re-read all three books, just to convince myself it was as bad as I remembered. It’s actually really funny because it’s so awful. It makes me feel slightly more confident about my own writing XD

And I think that for Island of the Blue Dolphins, I think I was disappointed because I expected something more like his other book, “The King’s Fifth.” I really enjoyed that book, it was really well written and the plot was interesting.

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