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I see, that sounds quite difficult. You know, if anything, it makes your gift for writing even more amazing, because you are able to overcome your obstacles and create stories! That’s something to be proud of 😉

Oh jeepers my guesses were so close, not so bad at all for my first try lol. She does look a lot like a teacher actually, one of those ones who are warm and friendly in general, but once students get on her nerves, they learn she’s not so soft after all 🙂


Oh, that’s so cool! I like how you draw from your own experience to write your characters. It must be true what they say, we write what we know best.

Thanks, I absolutely agree! Yeah this was a pretty new decision I made just recently. I was looking everywhere except at my own life, it’s so funny where we get inspiration sometimes.

Awww the poor lil’ muffin. Now I just want to give her a hug. Though, I don’t know if she would take that very well.

Yeah she would probably break your wrist and then threaten you with a knife. That’s what you get when you deprive a girl from love, they think everyone and everything is a threat. It’s hard to think like her sometimes, because there’s just such a deep level of bitterness within her.

Ooooooh! Interesting! I don’t think I’ll be able to guess mystical races, unless you mean traditionally mystical races.

Do you mean ‘traditional’ as in Faeries, dwarves and giants, and all of that sort?

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