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Well done! Yours is pretty accurate, almost eerily so haha

Yay! 😛

And you’re right she is quite anti-social to some people, she actually mildly suffers from a condition called aphasia which she was never really treated for. It basically means that she has trouble coming up with vocabulary, so she either does sign language or keeps totally silent. It’s more or less inspired by my own experiences in childhood because I had something similar, I had to go to speech therapy for years.

Oh, that’s so cool! I like how you draw from your own experience to write your characters. It must be true what they say, we write what we know best. 🙂

On the inside though she is incredibly lonely and has a great desire to be loved, though she doesn’t think of herself as worthy of even that.

Awww the poor lil’ muffin. Now I just want to give her a hug. Though, I don’t know if she would take that very well.

Thank you haha those are the bangs that I will never have ever because my hair is too impossible to manage ugh XD

I can relate lol.

YESSS SHE IS NOT TOTALLY HUMAN!!! Thank you! She is a mixture of different mystical races which I won’t give away yet. Shapeshifter isn’t correct, but good guess even so! She can actually manipulate psionic energy.

Ooooooh! Interesting! I don’t think I’ll be able to guess mystical races, unless you mean traditionally mystical races.


OK, you did super well!

Yay! Apparently following wild intuitions works. 😛

Actually she’s that character’s brother’s girlfriend (what a mouthful). So they’re friends, but right now they’re working on getting to know each other better.

Oooooh ok. Well I’m glad they get along. There’s enough stories already about people who can’t stand their sibling’s girlfriend/boyfriend.

 I honestly hadn’t thought about that lol. But the first image I had of her in my head, she was wearing glasses, because I knew she was a bit nerdy and studious.

Lol. Nerdy is cool, too. 🙂


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