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Bethania Gauterius


Yeah, I’ve had sight issues my whole life. I had cataracts as a baby, so my lenses had to be removed. So I really have no depth perception, and my distance vision is very poor. (I’ll never be able to drive because of it.)

Onto your guess!

Name: Her name is Sierra (not sure on the last name as of yet, but I think my tentative choice is Garber). I can see her looking like a Tanya though!

Age: Yep, she’s 20!

Career/role in story: She’s actually the MC’s brother’s girlfriend, but she is going to college to be a teacher.

Personality: Yep, she’s very warm and friendly, and loyal too. I’d say she’s a bit loud and outgoing, but definitely sensitive to others, so she’d be quieter around quiet people. She wasn’t too talkative around guys, but she has a boyfriend now so I guess she figured it out XD She’s definitely a great listener and chill, you impression of her was great!

I hadn’t thought about her being a singer, but I can totally seeing playing acoustic guitar and singing with a group of kids. She does have a unique style though, a mix of classic and geeky.

"For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust." - Psalm 103:14

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