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Wow your guesses were almost spot on! Impressive 🙂

Name: Emily? Maylie? Mandie? Idk, something feminine, but a bit modern-sounding, if that makes sense

Hehe you were very close! It’s Mayra, which I actually think is also pretty feminine and modern lol

Teen, 14-15 (I’m leaning more toward 15)

She was originally 15 in the first draft, but in the end I decided to make her 17 because I thought 15 was too young for all the responsibility that’s eventually loaded on her

Career/Role: MC, and I’m thinking a superhero, or at least a character with special powers (fire, maybe?)

Almost spot on! She is involved with fire in the novel (aka dragon) and her hidden birth name actually means fire. But she has the ability to manipulate psionic energy (like Wanda Maximoff 😉 )

Personality: Emotional, but determined and persevering. Cares for others. A bit of a dreamer and idealist. Melancholic personality type.

Pretty much what she becomes towards the end of the book. At first though, she isn’t emotional or caring or idealistic in any way. She is very pessimistic and is geared to only think about her own survival and what will benefit her, so determined and persevering is accurate! Melancholic is right, she is pretty much dead inside until she her life is thrown into disarray. Didn’t think of her as a dreamer before, but now that I think of it, she sort of leans in that direction XD

Anything else: I have a feeling her hair color is significant. And she lives in a futuristic city.

You are excellent at this XD. She lives in futuristic dystopian San Francisco and her hair colour is a certain thing she gains after she is gifted with powers.



Well done! Yours is pretty accurate, almost eerily so haha

Name: Eva Olson

Age: 15ish 16ish

Strangely now that I look at the picture closely, she really does look like an Eva haha. Age is also pretty close, she is actually 17. Very good guess 🙂

Career, role in story: Either MC or best friend of MC

She is indeed the MC hehe

Personality: Dedicated, rarely gets sidetracked, loyal to a fault. Reserved when it comes to her own issues, but is always ready to take on the burdens of the people she cares about (which is not a lot of people). Comes across as bitter or anti-social until you really get to know her.

Your personality description is great! You pretty much described what her character will become by the end of the book! At first she only cares about her own needs, but her journey is essentially her learning how to care about others again.

And you’re right she is quite anti-social to some people, she actually mildly suffers from a condition called aphasia which she was never really treated for. It basically means that she has trouble coming up with vocabulary, so she either does sign language or keeps totally silent. It’s more or less inspired by my own experiences in childhood because I had something similar, I had to go to speech therapy for years. Bitter is right too, she has been through a lot of childhood truama which she has never gotten over.

Would you be friends with that character?: She seems like a cool person, and talking to her could be interesting. However, I am slightly intimidated by her, and given that I am not the most extraverted let’s-go-make-a-new-friend type of person, I highly doubt I would ever just walk up to her and strike a conversation. So, yes I would be friends with her, but only if she were the one to initiate the friendship.

She is VERY intimidating, you got that right XD. She has a GO AWAY OR I’LL BREAK YOUR ARM look, because that’s how she was raised. On the inside though she is incredibly lonely and has a great desire to be loved, though she doesn’t think of herself as worthy of even that.

She’s got some awesome bangs.

Thank you haha those are the bangs that I will never have ever because my hair is too impossible to manage ugh XD

And two different colored eyes. The eye thing I think is either some rare genetic thing, or a sign that she’s not totally human. She’s something else, like a shapeshifter.

YESSS SHE IS NOT TOTALLY HUMAN!!! Thank you! She is a mixture of different mystical races which I won’t give away yet. Shapeshifter isn’t correct, but good guess even so! She can actually manipulate psionic energy.

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