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She (And the next character) are actually part of a series I made of all my female characters with flowers. I tried to pick flowers that suited their personalities, and Faye just seems like a daisy person to me XD

Ooooh that gives me a hint about the other one, I see. But first, I’m going to take a guess at Neasa’s. πŸ™‚

Β It’s so weird how close everyone keeps guessing XD

Right?? I saw a psychology video about a study where participants were given the choice of 4 names and a picture. They had to choose which one they thought was the person’s name. They ended up getting it right a crazy amount of the time.

This is even funnier, though, since we have no options to choose from, just a picture. Our brains are weird. XD

Wild guessing with absolutely no system to it XD

Seems like an effective method lol.


Name: Eva Olson

Age: 15ish 16ish

Career, role in story: Either MC or best friend of MC

Personality: Dedicated, rarely gets sidetracked, loyal to a fault. Reserved when it comes to her own issues, but is always ready to take on the burdens of the people she cares about (which is not a lot of people). Comes across as bitter or anti-social until you really get to know her.

Would you be friends with that character?: She seems like a cool person, and talking to her could be interesting. However, I am slightly intimidated by her, and given that I am not the most extraverted let’s-go-make-a-new-friend type of person, I highly doubt I would ever just walk up to her and strike a conversation. So, yes I would be friends with her, but only if she were the one to initiate the friendship.

Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: She’s got some awesome bangs. And two different colored eyes. The eye thing I think is either some rare genetic thing, or a sign that she’s not totally human. She’s something else, like a shapeshifter.

How’d I do? πŸ™‚

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