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Bethania Gauterius


Yeah, you were kinda off. You actually described her brother pretty well though XD

Name: Eden (So I guess kind of classic? I mean, that’s one of the oldest names there is)

Age: 16-17 (I haven’t quite decided yet, and she might have a birthday during the story)

Career/role in story: Yes, she’s the MC!

Personality: She’s a bit of an ambivert, but now because of Story Problems, she’s getting more introverted. She’s athletic and a tad sarcastic. She’s actually pretty grounded and no-nonsense.

She does have a cat (more like her brother has a cat) named Catiline Claudius Felix (since my family won’t let me name the family cat Catiline I’m naming my book cat that XD). Her aesthetic is actually minimal, natural, and bright — think lots of plants and golden sunlight streaming through the windows.


I’ll do your character

Name: Emily? Maylie? Mandie? Idk, something feminine, but a bit modern-sounding, if that makes sense

Age: Teen, 14-15 (I’m leaning more toward 15)

Career/Role: MC, and I’m thinking a superhero, or at least a character with special powers (fire, maybe?)

Personality: Emotional, but determined and persevering. Cares for others. A bit of a dreamer and idealist. Melancholic personality type.

Anything else: I have a feeling her hair color is significant. And she lives in a futuristic city.


"For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust." - Psalm 103:14

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