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Because, I mean, she’s got a flower crown and looks a little like she’s spacing out. I can resonate with that. XD

LOL, me too XD She (And the next character) are actually part of a series I made of all my female characters with flowers. I tried to pick flowers that suited their personalities, and Faye just seems like a daisy person to me XD

 I gave up on trying to get her earrings and her age to work.

It’s so weird that computers can’t do that. The other day my dad showed me a bunch of randomly computer-generated faces and you could usually pick them out by their earrings and glasses. It looks so amazing though! It’s so weird how close everyone keeps guessing XD

I don’t know how you got all of that out of just a computer generated face, but I am very happy with it.

Wild guessing with absolutely no system to it XD


Okay! Here we go! I have no idea how close I am, most of these are wild guesses XD

Name: I think something slightly more classic, maybe Amelie, or Clara?

Age: Early twenties, around college age, I think?

Career/role in the story: I’m guessing MC!

Personality: She looks thoughtful and studious. I think she’s probably dreamy, but also quite analytical. She’s probably an introvert.

Would you be friends with that character?: Totally! I think she’d be an awesome person to have deep conversations with.

Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: I’m guessing she likes journals, writing poetry, might have a cat, and I feel like she’d like the dark academia aesthetic XD

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