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Mmmmm cinnamon rolls. *gives Faye virtual bear hug*  🙂

LOL, IKR!? I’m actually an INFJ too, so that makes Faye a bit easier to write XD

Lol same. I’m somewhere between INFP and INFJ, so I think a lot of my guesses for Faye were subconsciously based off of my own characteristics. Because, I mean, she’s got a flower crown and looks a little like she’s spacing out. I can resonate with that. XD

What program did you use? ArtBreeder? I can tell she’s computer-generated XD Her earrings don’t match, computers get that wrong all the time XD

Yep and yep lol. I gave up on trying to get her earrings and her age to work. She’s actually 21, but the generator either made her look 16 or 33. Since there wasn’t really an in-between, I went with 16. XD Anyways, aside from age, you pretty much nailed it lol.

Name: Azryn (it is indeed, an unusual ‘A’ name)

Age: 21

Role: MC, also love interest of a different MC.

Personality: Spunky, outspoken, analytical, dry humor, quite sarcastic, but still fun. Definitely, like you said, more of a leader than a follower.

I don’t know how you got all of that out of just a computer generated face, but I am very happy with it. 🙂

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