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Emma Walker


Wowww you actually surprised me with these guesses. Some of them were really close.

Name: Pia. It doesn’t have a Y, unfortunately.

Age: she’s eighteen, you were pretty right on that one.

Career, role in story: She appears in several stories, a Princess in the Thabian Empire, and she is both an antagonist and protagonist. To most people she is mean and bitter, but those are walls she keeps up, for when she’s alone or with her brother, she falls apart and cries. She is better than any of the guys in her classes when it comes to swordsmanship, and a warrior would be a good definition of her. But she’s still a princess and can do beautiful art. She hates her father because he hates her, often they argue. Her best friend is her twin brother, the Crown Prince, and they continually prank each other, as well as he’s always there for her when she needs it.

Personality: tough and closed off, yes. Her soft side is hidden behind the walls she puts up, and she is quite determined and straightforward. She’s also lonely, and depressed. Callused. Fierce. Strong only to a certain point, don’t push her buttons.

Would you be friends with that character?: She tries her best to intimidate, and would be loyal to you if you were loyal in return.

Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: She is very athletic, you will find her normally with the guys at her school, instead of the girls. Anything that’s normally just for guys she joins in because she can, so any type of fighting, using different swords, she can do. And yea I loveeee her hair too. XD


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