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Your story makes me think of a song that I just wrote for friend’s of mine who are going through some hard stuff right now in life. I’m so glad to hear that you made it through, though I’m sure there are still challenging things.

You write songs?! Cool!



Upside is that I feel deeply about a lot of things (stories, beauty, characters, people) and downside is that when I emotionally crash, my whole life crashes.😂 Do you have that? I also struggle to relate to real people sometimes…I joke that I love people, but only at a distance.😆

YES! I feel the same way! And I think it annoys people some times because I just crash and I can’t talk about what I feel and i just well idk.😂😂 I run 100% on emotions and if they are haywire so am I😂. I ‘love’ ppl at a distance like there’s this little voice ‘don’t get too close. they don’t get you’

"Courage is found in unlikely places." JRR Tolkien

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