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@arindown @lonathecat

LOL, she really looks like a Lilia, doesn’t she XD

Name: Faye

Age: 16 (You guys were really close there!)

Role in story: She is technically a main character, but she isn’t the protagonist. She does have more of a supportive role but half the second book is from her POV. She does have a guiding role at one point! She’s the ‘farm girl’ trope turned upside down a bit since she has zero interest in saving the world and her dreams don’t extend beyond ‘become a healer and live in the woods with lots of pets’. She just really wants to go home and see her family again.

Personality: Like Arindown said, quiet, intuitive, and a lover of beauty. She’s extremely shy and quite naive. She thinks a lot more than she talks, and she’s quite wise, like you said, Lona. (Though, in the context of the story, that’s a pretty low bar since most of the other main characters share three brain cells and take turns misplacing them. *Shoots a look at Acyn, Sahar, and Liorah* XD)

The one thing you both got wrong is her underlying trauma. She’s actually one of the few characters that has a really happy family life. She does have some underlying issues from the environment she grew up in, and but it shows up mostly in being really insecure and shy.

She’s an INFJ, but she’s pretty close to INFP.

She’s actually human, but I think Faye would¬†love¬†to be a woodland spirit. And the stars, foxes, and smell of rain were absolutely spot on. Like, exactly right. Faye is very much a ‘look at the moon and make flower wreaths’ kinda person XD Oh, and, I always really strongly associated her with the song Scarborough Fair.

Thank you both for answering! It was so much fun to read! Now I know I got my character design right XD


Thank you so much! I drew it on a digital art program called Krita. I make a ton of drawings, so it’s cool that I get to use them for something XD

I’ll do your character later!

The angle makes it really hard to see, but I’m guessing it’s a male character?


Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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