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Bethania Gauterius

This is such a cool idea! I’ll answer @arindown ‘s

1) Name: Edith? Meredith? Idk, something kind of old-timey

2) Age: Old enough to be a grandma, 65+

3) Career/Role in Story: warrior grandma, lol. She used to be a fighter, and when Inciting Incident happens, she’s thrust back into going on quests and saving the world, probably along with her teenage grandkids (who are the main heroes)

4): Personality: sugar and spice, spunky, caring, is either battling baddies or baking you a cake

5) Would you be friends with that character?: If she is as I described, definitely!

6) Any other details you may have gotten from picture: Based on the color of her outfit, she might have some sort of wintry power?

I amĀ  afraid I totally misjudged this character, thinking she’s way older than she really is. But her face looks like it has a few wrinkles, so that’s why I think she’s a grandma.


"For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust." - Psalm 103:14

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