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YAY! I don’t believe I’ve met another INFP at least that I know of. *high five*. To try answer your question (though this will be rough), I am proud to be an INFP. I know pride is bad, but I don’t mean it in a bad way if ya get what I mean. I’m happy that I’m part of a more rare and dreamer personality type and I can see it helping me in my writing. It makes me see that I am special (not a TON of ppl have this personality type) and I’m happy that God has given me this type. That is really rough how I explained it *slaps head*. It’s funny, I can put my ideas in writing when I’m writing a story but when it comes to my thoughts, it’s no good because I have thought about this and know exactly what I think.

GURL!! I’m Ontario too!! Southern half though (I think) I suck at geography…

"Courage is found in unlikely places." JRR Tolkien

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