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Katherine Baker


Haha! I don’t think we have met. I also disappear for large swatches of time, usually when I’m not writing, and then find myself trapped in some new part of my writing endeavor that will send me back here. Currently I’m doing my first edits on my novel, so I’m here to edit anything BUT my novel! Very productive, I know.

What a cool story! I’d love to give you an outsider perspective, if you feel ready for one. I love historical fiction, and that one sounds cool. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about horses, so I can’t help you there.

I have written a lot of poetry, which is what originally drew me to the site, but I’ve also written novels on and off. Either fun off-the-wall fantasy ideas or really poorly-plotted mysteries that make no sense and leave loose ends everywhere (oh, the pains of being a pantser. Does not mix well with mystery).

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