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Ooh, this is such a fun idea!

First book: (No, actually, all the books, and all the scenes, literally all the time XD)

Gavril: Liorah, no.

Family: Liorah, no.

Friends: Liorah, no.

Basically the entire universe: Liorah, no.

Liorah: Liorah, yes.

Everyone: That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen work.


Okay, just kidding, here’s a more accurate one XD:

Liorah: I do whatever I want and nothing and nobody is going to stop me.

Everyone tries to stop Liorah from being blindingly stupid.

Liorah: Okay, maybe they had an idea, but I’m still not going to listen to them.

Everything goes horribly wrong.

Liorah: I wish I had listened to them but I’m never ever ever going to admit it.

Everything gets way, way worse. (Like, it’s bad.)

Liorah: This is all my fault. *Apologies all around*

Book two summarized:

Liorah: Okay, it isn’t all my fault, it’s yours too. Die.


This was such a good idea and I had fun trying to summarize Liorah’s character arc XD I mean, that’s what it comes down to XD

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