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Hey guys, really sorry to interrupt. (especially since this is slightly off-topic)


There’s a missing horse-training scene and it’s been bugging me to death for months, and I refuse to subject another faithful beta-reader to the draft until it’s done. (I didn’t know enough about horses at the time and I was just trying to finish the bloody book before my brain quit.)

Just wanted to say your WIP sounds fascinating and I love the premise! I don’t currently have time to beta-read an entire novel, but I’d be happy to critique the horse-training scene if you need help with it, since this is one of the few things I actually have first-hand experience with.

If you’re having trouble researching medieval horsemanship, (I know I could barely find anything) I found a channel on YouTube, (Modern History TV) that has a lot of information on that. He really knows what he’s talking about and it’s very helpful to actually see everything in action.

Anyway, best of success y’all!

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