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The Inkspiller


A rare beta-reader!

Be prepared to be swamped with supplicants.

By the way, I don’t think we’ve met. I tend to lie dormant for weeks / months at a time only to suddenly answer a flurry of weird medical questions on this one particular thread in Fantasy Fiction Writers….
Anyways, I guess I’m primarily a fantasy fiction writer with a strong historical bent. My current labor of maddening obsession (when I’m not studying for my licensing exam, may I pass on the first try!) is a series of novels, Rest for the Wicked, set around the Hussite Wars of early 15th century Bohemia (modern Czech Republic). The story follows a power-hungry border countess, her motley crew of minions and companions, and their emotional, mental, and spiritual baggage on a collective quest for power, purpose, and maybe a pint to wash it down.

I guess the story probably deserves a more serious blurb than that, but at this stage I try not to take myself too seriously. It’s only drama if the reader likes it; if it’s overdone, it mellows into melodrama.

I’m ADHD too… it’s hard to concentrate on anything I actually need to do, but then when I do focus on something, I can’t tear myself away – even if it’s the most useless, stupid, futile activity. Then suddenly it will click, and I can write 8000 words in a day or sit still for 10 hours just hammering away at a story until I physically cannot see the screen anymore because my eyes are that blurry. It’s honestly a burden, its apparent size largely dependent on the beholder. I’ll heed my own words and shy away from undue melodrama, but it sucks.

If you really are serious about beta-reading, I’d like to make some additions first to the latest draft of my first book. There’s a missing horse-training scene and it’s been bugging me to death for months, and I refuse to subject another faithful beta-reader to the draft until it’s done. (I didn’t know enough about horses at the time and I was just trying to finish the bloody book before my brain quit.) I have had two (maybe three? I think it was actually three) other people to beta read it, but I’d also like an outsider perspective, as those two (three) readers were also pretty involved in the writing process and privy to a lot of insider details that a regular reader wouldn’t be.


How are you? I’d rather like to hear more about you and your writing journey than myself at this point, so I’ll let it go.

Non nobis Domine, sed nomini, Tuo da gloriam.

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