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Thanks for the link! I read your prologue just there, and wow! So biblical and very imaginative. I could really hear the voice of David Attenborough reading the words. I look forward to reading more of your work 🙂

The thing is about us Irish is that we like to pretend that we tan, and that lots of sun is good for us. That’s been my experience with peers anyway. I was usually the only one in my past friend groups who put on sun cream, only because my parents hammered it into me. Oh gosh your burns sound utterly painful. That has thankfully never happened to me. Swollen red skin yes, but that’s it really. I will certainly take your advice to heart if I ever go to California.

Yes I agree, the cities in California do look very unattractive, but the beaches and nature spots look so beautiful! I would love to go there someday. Speaking of California, my WIP is actually set in San Francisco, so I had to examine some of the scenery there. As an Irish person, its still hard for me to wrap my head around the enormity of the US, let alone California. You could drive for three hours over there, and still be in the same state or city. I drive for three hours from Cork and I end up at the Giant’s Causeway haha.

Your family history sounds fascinating, I love that sort of thing. As the family genealogist, I have yet to track down several ancestors. I have only tracked the Looneys all the way back to the 18th century, the others are very hard to track down because Ireland barely has any surviving records. But I do know a lot about my German side of the family, because my great-grandfather documented most of his family up to the 17th century. I doubt I can go farther than that. I also might have ancestors stemming from Prussia (modern day Poland), though that has been quite difficult to confirm. But I like to say that I am Celtic, Viking, Norman, Scottish (maybe), Germanic and Slavic 🙂

Oh yes magic systems are fascinating. They bored me before, but now I love reading about their complexities. And Brandon Sanderson’s books look very interesting, I must see if my local library has them. I’m always open to new fantasy and sci-fi books.

So Shadow and Bone is a new Netflix series, starring Ben Barnes from the Narnia films. It’s based on a book series (I tried reading them, but I didn’t like them very much). Basically it has a magical system called Small Science in which those who use this power can only manipulate what already physically exists.

Wow I have never heard of this recessive gene trait phenomenon. Well, not surprising, considering how little I know about this subject. Sounds like something worth examining. Thanks so much for telling me about it, I will definitely have to dedicate a day or two for research in this RNA subject. After all, I have to at least pretend I know what I’m talking about without sounding like an absolute idiot.

Another aspect of my magical system is that good magic abides by the laws of conservation of energy and mass. It has laws because that is how it was created in the first place. But bad magic doesn’t have laws, because it is unnatural and comes from a place of evil. You sacrifice a human in order obtain a little bit of it, and it turns into an obsession. The villains immediately want more and more, it’s never enough for them. Which is the main conflict in the story.

Thank you, I’m looking forward to getting feedback that isn’t from friends or family haha 🙂

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