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No worries πŸ™‚ https://storyembers.org/groups/fantasy-writers/forum/topic/prologue-to-my-wip-book-series/

Yeah, California is expensive… Beautiful country with diverse biomes… but an absolute pain to live in, lol. Also, if you get sunburned in Ireland, USE SUNSCREEN HERE. Fortunately, you can get SPF 70+ stuff that works like a charm. I burned so bad one time I literally tanned the layer of skin under the one I burned, and later peeled off. With all of that said, I still very much would recommend a visit at some point if you can, from bright beaches to cool mountain ranges to high deserts and most everything in between, I love the nature here. Just avoid the major cities, they’re kinda crap atm, lol. Also bear in mind the state is about of size of Italy, so don’t expect to visit every place in a single day.

As far as we can tell, our ancestry goes back to the McMillan clan (on one side). We also have Reynolds and Hannah’s on the other. But our forebears where not exactly… picky, with who married, so there is a lot of other bloodlines mixed in there as well XD (not exactly surprising considering they ended up in France before making their way to America, lol)

I never could get into FMA, mostly for the main character, but I did really like the magic system. As for Brandon Sanderson, he has written a lot (mostly fantasy from what I can tell, and none of which I think I have read, lol), so a quick search will pop up his works in no time.Β  His magic systems, however, are some of the most acclaimed I have seen, he even has some lectures on creating magic systems on youtube you can look up!

Never heard of Shadow and Bone, what is it about?

As for your DNA idea, kinda sounds like recessive/dominate gene traits. Where, sometimes and rarely, you can have recessive genes manifest in a child and it makes them look very different from their parents. We have also found that there are spare bits of RNA (I think it is RNA, it might be DNA) that are basically dormant until certain conditions or stresses are met, and then the modify the DNA to basically adapt to the environment. I do love science, but biology isΒ not one of my strong areas, lol, but I would recommend looking this stuff up! If nothing else, it can give you some good ideas πŸ™‚

You know, that is what the drafting process is for, and I look forward to it πŸ™‚

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