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Thank you, actually that might be easier if you linked it, I’m still learning how to navigate this forum haha.

I’ve always wanted to go to California myself. I had the chance to go do an college exchange trip but, it was SO expensive so I had to drop my hopes real quick. That’s so interesting, I love meeting people who have Irish/Scottish ancestry. It’s certainly something to be proud of 🙂 Oh I get sunburned too lol. It’s awfully annoying isn’t it!

Omg Fullmetal Alchemist is exactly what I was going for hehe. I finished Brotherhood just there a few days ago, and I loved it. It mainly inspired me to think harder about the world I’m creating, to challenge my own imagination, test how far it can go. I also watched Shadow and Bone recently, which also inspired me a lot. I have never read Brandon Sanderson, what books does he write?

So in my world, only those with particularly durable DNA structures can use magic. Some people see it as a form of evolution, basically something you inherit from your ancestors, but others see it as something deliberate, something that only a divine being could be responsible for, because it’s very random. A Fae family could have magical abilities for several generations, and yet down the line, a Fae could suddenly be born with weaker DNA despite the fact that their ancestors all had it. Humans have weaker DNA, but there could be rare cases where out of the blue, a human is born with stronger genetic codes even though it’s nowhere to be seen in the family tree. That human could go on to have children who are completely normal. In my world, Fae, despite being more or less superior to other species, are weaker because they’re no longer born with the ability to possess magic. So it’s basically a phenomenon that is mysterious but can still be explained by science to a certain extent.

That’s it so far, if anyone has any suggestions, I’m willing to hear it. Science is so not my strong point. I’m still figuring it out really. In six months, I might backtrack and think oh no that’s not working after all haha. Who knows?

Thanks! Once I have my opening scene finished, I will definitely post it here 🙂

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