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Oh excellent, I must see if the prologue is still there! I do love a good old creation story 🙂

Marissa Meyer wrote The Lunar Chronicles, basically sci-fi re-imaginings of fairytales. If you’re into that sort of things, definitely check it out! And Francine Rivers writes Christian romance, her series Mark of the Lion is about Christians during Ancient Rome, and the first book A Voice in the Wind is just my everything. She also wrote Redeeming Love, a retelling of the Book of Hosea. That is also very much recommended!

Thank you! I am Irish myself, so I want to do justice for my country’s folklore and heritage. Also it doesn’t hurt that Irish mythology is very Christian 🙂 The ‘hard’ magic was actually a decision I made rather recently. I was inspired by some shows I watched recently where magic is more of a power that adheres to the rules of physics and chemistry. I decided that it was best to create a clear structure for magic in my world, at least then I’ll have rules I’ll need to abide by instead of creating a magic system that’s convoluted and airy-fairy. I’m still trying to work it out, because I know very little about science haha so wish me luck. I might change my mind in

I agree, I do love a story of redemption and grace, they never get old. That’s something we can probably all relate to in some shape or form! I might post an excerpt or two here, I would very much appreciate any feedback for my WIP 🙂

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