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Pleased to meet you 🙂 I’m very new to this forum, and am excited to be here. The premise of your story sounds AMAZING! So thought-provoking and imaginative. The names are very cool, I myself am terrible at coming up with unusual names haha.

So Marissa Meyer and Francine Rivers are among my favourite authors. Currently I am reading the Narnia series (I waited until now to read them, I know shocker).

At the moment, my WIP is a young adult speculative fantasy based on Irish and Celtic mythology. In this story, magic exists as a form of science that abides by the laws of physics and chemistry, and is divinely gifted to people for the purpose of using it for good. The world is controlled by an authoritarian military faction, who are in fact Fae, but they are no longer gifted with magic because they used it for evil, so they obtain darker, more powerful magic by committing evil deeds. My protagonist is a human teen lackey of a criminal mobster who is suddenly divinely gifted with unusual powers after she saves a stranger’s life. She seeks to get rid of this power, but soon realizes that she has been given an opportunity to redeem herself and become a hero. Basically the main theme is that even those with great darkness in their hearts are called to be warriors of God, no matter what we’ve done in their lives.

That’s it I suppose… It’s lovely to meet all of you 🙂

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