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Ooh, I actually thought about this! Very interesting question, btw!

As you know, the people in my WIP are divided into seven tribes. Orphans (Particularly foundlings) fall outside this categorization, so they often end up tribeless, which isn’t a good place to be.

They might be adopted by someone if they’re lucky, but if not, they’ll probably spend their entire lives tribeless. The tribeless can’t own property and it’s often hard for them to get work since they have a bad reputation. (That was a very basic explanation, but it’ll do for now XD) Yeah, that part of the system is kinda dystopian, but I need it for plot reasons XD

Most surnames in my world work on the ‘Son of-‘ ‘daughter of-‘ model, so I’d imagine if you didn’t know that, they would probably be referred to by which place they come from e.g. ‘Of Hisar’, ‘of Ticaret’. And for first names, I actually don’t know? I suppose they either pick a name or people just start referring to them by a nickname.

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