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Oh, my goodness, that’s hilarious! XD I studied some Latin texts and I still think it’s one of the funniest things how many of the great ‘classical texts’ are basically fanfiction (Aeneid was literally fanfic of the Illiad) XD

HA! we all need inspiration from something, right? Or how about all those mid to late medieval paintings are that are just monks taking out their frustration with their gardens being eaten by snails by depicting them as monsters being slain my the local knights.

Oh, wow! That’s amazing! I’ve never attempted it, but I can imagine how much work that is!

It is weird. Learning about languages was a seriously brain melting experience (cramming most of the information in my cranium within the span of about two weeks miiight have had something to do with that, lol). Once you kinda understand it though, the grammatical and phonetic structure becomes more a matter of having fun and just being consistent. It opens so much thought about how a different people (or race, such as dragons in my example) think and operate, which helps inform the language which itself circles back again towards culture. It is a fun and wonderful thought experiment
Of course, it becomes a hassle again (imo) when you work on the lexicon. You create a batch of core words, figure out some naturalistic way of them growing into a full dictionary while throwing in the ways languages morph… and iterate that a few dozen times… bleh. Of course, that is only if you want to ensure that hardcore linguistics wont be offended by your made up language in a made up story in your made up world, lol.

Speaking of blended languages, I LOVED the idea of mandarin being mixed with english in firefly! if only someone told another certain someone that mandarin is a tonal langauge… lol. still, it did a good job creating that feeling for an english speaking audience which, up until very recently, is a language that has avoided many of those sort of idiosyncrasies.

Okay, that was way more detail than you asked for XD I tend to get carried away with worldbuilding XD

Don’t apologize, that is awesome! It’s those little details that really help the story to come alive.

For some reason, my plots always tend to work out that they’re not that actiony until the midpoint, then there’s usually a plot twist and everything collapses, leaving my characters scrambling to stay alive. It’s happened twice already XD

Honestly, if that is an indication of your first half being actual character development in a YA novel, you have my endorsement, lol. A read a seven-book series (Saga of the Seven Suns) that spent the first 150 pages of the first book almost ENTIRELY introducing characters, but the author wrote it in an interesting way, and each character served a part in the unfolding plot, so I was hooked. Action, imo, can only be as good as our investment into the involved characters.

That’s pure practice though, and it’ll get better in the later drafts.

Again, honestly, with the time and effort and love you seem to be putting into this project, if I had to hazard a guess, I would guess that you will do fine 🙂

That sounds like an awesome scene and it has a ton of potential to illustrate your theme!

At first, I thought it might be a little on the nose, but at this point, I make no allusions that this story is allegorical. Heck, I am taking it past allegory, if at all possible.

Totally! I’ve never played D&D, but I currently have her in a Character Castle (A roleplay to develop your characters) here on SE. She’s just so much fun and causes all manner of havoc XD


I just joined and made my first post in one of those. Not 100% sure how it works, but it looks like good practice. And she sounds like a ton of fun.

I was getting extremely annoyed because I had to return most of the audiobooks I started, either because they were just plain boring or because they turned non-christian somewhere in the middle.

I know what you mean. I am reticent to try anything new because I don’t know if it is just going to turn… gross.

Eventually, it got so annoying that I, who hated creative writing up to that point, actually decided that if I couldn’t find a good book, I was going to write one. Oh, and I was really bored. XD So, I guess that’s when it started but when I actually started writing I just got really, really attached to my characters. It actually feels like spending time with friends at this point XD

haha, I read that part aloud to my sisters (she was in the room) and she says THOSE are the kind of books she likes to read, and I agree. Also, as someone who also didn’t like creative writing for a long time, I’m glad it is bringing you something good 🙂

I don’t know, I didn’t consciously choose it, it just keeps popping up. It just feels very shallow to me when some stories entirely dismiss all the horrible things the heroes do because their goals are good.

I walk away from those stories (and there are far more of them now than they used to be) feeling very dissatisfied, even if I do not catch it in the middle of the experience. I think it comes from, fundamentally, the human condition of pain and resentment that feeds a power fantasy and tries to justify subjective morality. Which is just a bunch of big words that basically say that our first instinct, when we are hurt, is to hurt the other person back with the same evil and say it is ok when we do it. That choice to subject ourselves to a higher objective authority, to give up our own standards no matter how justified, is ultimately what makes the difference between the hero and the villain; and our inability to do it (or do it well) is what makes us human. idk, it sounds like your heart working out something really good.

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