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I want to know what Hot Guy looks like: just how hot is Hot Guy? 😉 Is he a built jock blonde with long flowing locks and eyelashes that make women jealous? Is he a carefree redhead? Maybe a little skinny with ears that poke out just a bit too much for him to be taken seriously, but having a sense of humor that leaves entire rooms doubled over in laughter. Or is he an exotic beauty? with a strange accent that leaves his birthplace unknown and his history a tantalizing mystery. With your character choosing the seat out of the way, and that seat being his, maybe he shares her seeming introversion? and he has nearly black eyes that perceive more than he would dare say and carriers an edge of keen intellect. His descriptions not only pull the reader into what you are saying, but it also says a lot about the main character as we get to see what she finds so hot about him.

(as a quick aside – and this is just bouncing an idea here – it seems like this guy is responsible for her going into the faerie-tale land. If that is the case, you can add descriptors like ‘her mind being in a fog’ or ‘he seemed to glow’ or maybe she even felt dizzy and slightly queasy. The reader would be all like ‘oh, wow, she is falling for this guy something fierce’ only to realize later that was actually the side-effects of an honest to god enchantment spell)

Speaking of the MC, I don’t really know her that well before the story starts. I want to get to know her a little, get familiar with what living in her world is like. It doesn’t have to be a lot – as you will have the entire rest of the story to flush her out – but if you had to pick the five most obvious things about her, what would they be? Or, if you were your MC, what would be the five things you would want someone to know about you? As a writer, your get the unique and awesome power to actually let the reader walk in the shoes of someone else for a day, don’t be afraid to use it 🙂

While I am a visual person, ironically, descriptions are honestly the place where I struggle the most. So many times they feel slow and boring, and monotonous to write. What has helped me is try and remember to have fun. This is your world, your book, your writing, and while you may have to follow some conventions for the real world, you don’t need to follow them for faerie world. Feel free to go wild and crazy in there, maybe the flowers have colors and smells that don’t have a real-world counterpart. Maybe the flowers sing and the bees literally provide a bass note with their buzzing, picking up little bits of the sound to sing their larva. Maybe eating their honey turns your voice into a perfect and intoxicating version of your own. Heck, maybe on their journey Spartan poops and it smells suspiciously like black liquorice. Feel free to use or discard any of these ideas, let your heart play with your imagination and take us along for the ride.

Anyway, I hope this has been helpful and encouraging, and not overwhelming. Do remember that you don’t have to do this all at once; when I write a scene, I will often just put in the dialogue and fill in the descriptions later, this keeps me writing in a flow as my dialogue and description parts of my brain are different and switching between them can get exhausting, lol. 🙂

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