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Bethania Gauterius

-Healthy sibling and family relationships, as R.M. said.

-Adopted characters who have a happy and loving relationship with their adoptive family.

-Male characters who act like males and not like a woman’s ideal of what men should be. I see this a lot in YA. Rosemary Sutcliff and Gary Schmidt write good male characters though.

-Female characters who don’t feel the need to be kickbutt all the time and can embrace quiet strength.

-Positive female friendships. Please let the mean girl trope die, and the thing where the female MC only has one male friend. I do not find that realistic at all.

-HOMESCHOOLED CHARACTERS! (who are not super weird)

-Diversity where the diversity is not the main plot of the story (e.g., a story about a black character dealing with racism). There’s a place for both stories, but so far we’re really only getting the one.

-Physically unattractive heroes who stay physically unattractive.

-Characters who wear glasses and don’t think they’re ugly for it (a major pet peeve of mine as a proud glasses-wearer)

-Poor characters

-Sci-fi planets that are not monocultures

-High fantasy that does not take place in a medieval European inspired world. I am partial to ancient Greece or Rome or indigenous cultures myself.

-Main characters who don’t feel the need to have a love interest. I’m not a romance fan, but if there is romance, I prefer it being between side characters

-Quieter fantasy stories where the fate of the world is not necessarily at stake.

-MALE MAIN CHARACTERS IN YA! I tend to prefer male MCs, but they’re not common in YA.

-Female characters who have a hard time expressing emotions. (Note: I am one.)

-Positive, but not idealized, representation of the church and/or religion. Having characters wrestle with their faith, but not leave it. Pointing out the flaws, but also pointing to God.

"For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust." - Psalm 103:14

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