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R.M. Archer

Aside from a handful of things I’d specifically like to see more in YA… *grabs list*

  • Exploration of worldview (with contrast)
  • Trope subversion that supports a Judeo-Christian worldview
  • “I’m with you.”
  • Tight-knit friend groups (bonus points for each member knowing alllll the little things that pester or make their friends happy)
  • Healthy sibling dynamics
  • Healthy family dynamics in general
  • Dysfunctional teams that grow to be functional
  • Teams pushed together by circumstance rather than choice
  • Big brother friends
  • Actual big brothers (especially when seen from the outside; bonus points if it’s the girl they like who’s the outside perspective)
  • Boyfriends/girlfriends “adopting” their SO’s siblings (especially boyfriends)
  • Explorable worlds (i.e. worlds that you can tell extend beyond the book)
  • Strong atmosphere
  • Strong character history (e.g. characters who haven’t seen each other in a while coming back together and the tension or lack thereof being palpable)

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