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Hey Gracie! Thank you for giving me your thoughts!

 I think maybe too other things that might help is to pay attention to books written by men authors (like Andrew Peterson) and try to see how they do boy characters.

I never really thought to do that before. That’s definitely a great idea.

One of the biggest differences my Dad always reminds me is that boys don’t (often) overdo emotions. They also tend to lean stronger toward certain emotions…for example, it seems like girls are more likely to have their feelings “hurt” whereas the boys will either brush it off or be actually angry.

Very true. Boys are definitely not like girls when it comes to emotions. I’m sure I have multiple parts in my story where I have not put this into mind though. A while back I needed one of those dialogues that are sorta boring but then lead into important info, and one of the boys interrupted another then he was all like “I’m so sorry!” (of course I’m being a little dramatic) After I reread that section I burst into laughter because they sounded like a bunch of preschool girls 😂

girls just tend to be more emotional overall (which is not a bad thing)

Oh yes, for sure XD

The only other thing I can think of is to ask your brothers to read your writing. I know it can be intimidating, but specifically questioning whether they could relate to the feelings of guy characters can help a lot

I have used my brothers and cousins a lot with writing. To basically avoid help out with character development, I based most of my characters off of my close family and friends. I guess having the boys read the part that is their character and see if they relate would be a good way to go. Thanks for that idea! I’ve thought about describing a scene to my cousin and have him play his character and just see how the conversation would go. 😂

Watching to see how your brothers act in different situations is great idea. Actually, one of the funniest things that happened lately is my brother (who has always scorned romance in books) got a girlfriend, and he acts just like guys in books.   He went from being like, “A real guy would never be that smitten,” to being that guy.

Oh how funny!! 😂 At least most girls love how the guys in romance books act, lol.

Thanks again! That was really helpful!


If you have any suggestions for guys that might have the exact opposite problem be sure to share!

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