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This is what I have so far…I kinda ditched it right now for my Cinderella retelling…


When I stepped into the room, fashionably late as usual, I first laid eyes on what I thought to be the hottest guy ever created. He caught my eyes and I blushed. A little smile flitted across his face. This guy was so hot. I quickly made my way to an empty seat, far from hot guy. Partway through the game, which I did not understand or see the point of, we were told to go find new seats. I went to a corner and sat between a couch and chair, against the wall and hidden from view. Hot Guy came and I found out that it was his seat and he always sat there so I moved to the arm of the couch I had been sitting by. I was hot from the thought of sitting by Hot Guy. I wasn’t sure how to hold the object for the game. Hot Guy must have seen me fumbling around because he took my hand and wrapped his fingers around mine in the way I needed to hold the object, his hand holding my fingers gently, but firm. I flushed. Gently, I tried to pull my hand away but he didn’t let go. Instead he moved his hand into a more comfortable position on mine and grinned up at me. He didn’t seem to notice how sweaty my hand was from nervousness. I was in love. Love at first sight, so cliche, I know. Some time during the night I ended up sitting on the couch and Hot Guy moved next to me, and there was no Bible distance apart. Later that night I learned that his name was *(haven’t figured that out yet)

Chapter one

I don’t know how I got here, I just woke up one day. My name is Mercedes Louis Benz. Ya, my parents, wherever they are, named me after a car. That was back on earth where they did have cars. Here travel is unicorns and pegasus’, ya they’re real, and if you’re lucky you could persuade a fairy-yes they’re real too, don’t listen to what people tell you, I used to, and, um, I see they were wrong-to zap you somewhere. Oh are you wondering where this place is? It’s Genoa where dragons roam, don’t worry, most won’t eat you, and no modern day comfort exists. I can’t even wear pants, it’s all dresses and corsets here. I used to want to leave but now I don’t. I’ll rewind and tell you my story.

I woke up with a splitting headache and sat up with a groan.
“Where am I?” I said to myself, looking around. I started. There were creatures peeking at me from behind trees. I could not call them humans or animals, for they were neither, though some more-or-less resembled one of them. I saw unicorns, dwarves, and what looked to be elves. I even saw a pegasus!  But still, I had no idea where I was and cried out in alarm.

One of the Elves, who looked to be the leader, stepped toward me.

“Who are you?” he asked, “and where do you come from?”

“I’m Mercedes Benz,” I replied, “and I’m from earth. And the real question is, where am I?”

“Mercedes, that’s a queer name.”

Wow, I said to myself, they must be old fashion if they use that word here.

“And to answer your question,” he continued, “you are in Gaus. I have never heard of your earth before. How rude of me, I have not introduced myself. I am Gayin, king of the Elvin.”

So that’s what they are.

“Can you get me back to my world?”

He looked thoughtful, “No, I cannot, but King Cranaus Ismail might. He is the king of a race like yours and all the kings and crowned princes have sorcery powers.”

“Can you bring me to him?” I asked hopefully.

“Yes, but first I must get you some clothes. It is shameful to be seen in such garb.”

I looked down at my jeans and tank top. I wondered what was wrong with my clothes until I looked at Gayin. He was wearing a forest green shirt and dull brown pants. His clothes looked like something Robin Hood would wear. No, they looked more like the clothes of Tolkien’s elves. Do all Elves dress like this? I wondered if they were as agile as Tolkien’s Elves.

Gayin started speaking again. “Now you cannot wear the clothes of our woman. They are not the garments of your race and I do not believe they would fit you anyways.”

I took offense at his at first but then realised how fair in stature this Elvin was. If they were all like that, including their women, there was no way I would fit in their clothes, as thin as I was. Hight wouldn’t have been a problem, as I was short for my age, only five foot three inches, but they were much too slender.

“But clothes will be no problem,” he continued. “We shall just take you to Mistress (need to find a name still) She is a tailor who specializes in dresses and will certainly have your size for she always has much clothing ready for unfortunate souls who are in need of garb. Follow me and we’ll give you a unicorn. It’s a two days ride from here.”

I followed him to his village, which I had landed by, and they gave me a black unicorn, whose name they told me was Spartan, to ride. While they were grabbing provisions, I looked around me. The village was small, unlike Tolkien’s great Elve cities, but the houses were nice and they seemed to lack nothing. Small children, who were playing in the streets, stopped their games to gaze at me. I must have been a strange sight to behold in my deemed ‘unfit’ clothing. I smiled at them and they quickly looked away.

A young elfin came out of Gayin’s house. He introduced himself as Conall, Ganyin’s son and said he would be accompanying me along with one other Elvin man.

“My mother is, my father is unable to leave my mother,” he said, correcting his error.

I had my guesses at what he was going to say, and took a stab at it in a kind way.

“When?” I asked.

He hesitated. “Any day.”

I was right. These Elvin were not comfortable with speaking about pregnancy.

“We shall be off at once,” Conall said once our companion had joined us. ‘This is Haki. Haki this is Mercedes.”

“Mercedes, that is a-”

“A queer name,” I interupted, “ya, I know.”

Haki turned to Conall. “She isn’t the most polite one here.”

I glared at him. “I’m sorry. Would you explain what I did wrong?”

“Feisty too. I like this one. But yes, I will explain. I don’t know about where you come from, but here we do not interrupt.”

I wanted to fight back with, “Ya but where I come from we don’t make fun of people’s names,” but I thought better of lying. Instead I just apologized.

“No matter,” Haki said, “all is forgiven. Let us be off. We are wasting precious time.”

"Courage is found in unlikely places." JRR Tolkien

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