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Wow, how’d I end up writing that much?? I think it’s too long, but I’m also describing Liorah and adding backstory at the same time. Still, I think I’m sinking into the ‘too-much-detail’ trap again. Okay, tear away y’all! Show no mercy! XD Thank you guys so much for the critiques, they’re so helpful!

Nonono that is not too much detail and there is no such thing as “too much detail” if you incorporate it in an engaging way and that was fun to read! It showed so much character and really brought me into the scene.

“Oh, these? I can hit someone in the heart from fifty paces. Would you like to see?” She told the invisible bystander, innocently. I laughed. “Does it work?” Sahar raised her skirts and slipped the dagger back into the scabbard strapped to her leg. “Every time. Those Gitakan boys are sissies when it comes to lethal weapons,” Sahar said, cheerfully.

I love her

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