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LOL I call @rustedknight ‘Buddy’ and I never even thought it was weird until new people were like ‘ummm…who’s Buddy?’ And it’s so funny the sort’ve ‘code’ you can talk in with your siblings like an almost telepathic link.

Yep, I’ve completely given up on writing siblings totally realistically, since it wouldn’t make any kind of sense XD

IKR! I can get why you’d have them both in a leading role so like it’s not ‘oh this random chick we don’t even care about really,’ but there’s so much else you can do!

Exactly! Like, there are seldom just two main characters, they usually each have a sidekick. Why do the sidekicks always stay single? I mean, there’s so much more potential than just the MCs getting together.

Ikr, writing is really holding a coded mirror to yourself! I’d always see these patterns with my characters that I thought were unrealistic and then I’d look closer and it was really authentic if I peeled back the conscious effort to make my style ‘pretty’ or ‘correct’. I feel like writing ripped layers of my soul apart to my core.
I’d say writing as profoundly affected my prayerlife. I find myself writing rather prayerful scenes like the conflict is what my soul is struggling with and I came to love God more by writing and to see more answers to the constant ‘why am I still hurting?’ The process of having to show weakness and strength, struggle and complicated emotions on a page through other characters really helped me turn off my internal filter that said I shouldn’t feel these things so I won’t register it.

That’s amazing! I get something similar sometimes, then it’s just like: “Wow, that character’s actions are so messed up… Oh. I do that.” XD It’s kinda scary because most of the time I didn’t even realize I did that. I don’t know, I guess it’s just easier when you can essentially split yourself up into smaller pieces and judge each one separately. XD

I mean, each of my characters has some part of me in them, I guess. It makes them easier to write XD Though, seeing the different elements of my personality annoy each other on-page is weird. XD What can I say, writing is weird XD

I can honestly say that writing scares me sometimes. It’s just like… Who am I to write about this? There’ll always be someone else who said it better, and I’m sure I’ll get it wrong. That’s usually the point where I just go, “I’m not going to publish this anyway. Nobody’s going to see this.” It somehow makes me feel a bit better XD

And I kind of feel that it helps me be less judgemental about people since you have to write characters really honestly and you can literally see that they have blind spots and prejudices and insecurities that nobody else knows about. And when people confuse me I literally just think of them as I would of my characters and that somehow helps me sort stuff out.

And everything tying together is definitely creepy/cool! Like I don’t even plan half my writing I just be like; ‘ok my subconscious mind: fix it and report please…WHAT YOU MEAN WE’RE WRITING THIS?!?’ And ‘WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THAT BEFORE I WROTE THE FIRST DRAFT?!?’ But it’s both scary and amazing, I’ve been terrified by the things that bubble out of my mind and comforted by the change and realization it forced.

Totally! And then you get to rewrite it completely! YaY! So MUch FUn! XD

Actually, I don’t really mind rewriting. Since I already wrote it once, I kinda know what I’m going for as opposed to figuring it out as I write. But when I switch back to a first draft, it’s so frustrating because it’s so much less polished. I actually kinda like editing, except for the part where you have to delete stuff you worked really hard on because it isn’t important to the plot.

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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