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How cool! It’s always interesting to see fantasies set in cultures people don’t often use.  That’s so interesting about how the fabric was cut! Your story sounds very interesting!

Thank you! I’m having a lot of fun with the setting. It has a very cool and unique aesthetic. It’s awfully hard to research the historical stuff though! There isn’t much information on it since it’s a more obscure part of history, so it’s really hard to figure some things out, like what they used for armor.

For the clothing, I learned some really cool stuff! Scandinavian, European, North-African, and Middle-eastern clothing styles were really similar. Like, I’ve seen Viking dresses that I mistook for Arabic ones. I think the similarities come from the fact that they were all using similar techniques. (There are only so many ways you can use rectangular pieces) And there was a ton of travel, so the clothing was kinda similar all over.  Like, you can tell which is which, but not at first glance.


That revision is awesome! I can really see what Jade is thinking and it makes sense and his emotions influence his descriptions. I don’t see anything you have to fix. Great job!


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