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Nope, it stands for Role-Playing Game, in this context (it can also stand for Rocket Propelled Grenade, lol).

I haven’t ready any of his works, I was curious if you had. His character as described in Bandersnatch makes me want to investigate his works, though.

Ok, very cool. I’m still getting used to the forums structure here, but I will try and look into it when you do!

It follows several characters, but the main character (of the first book) is Glenesh, advisor to King Xerxes. I have essentially divided humanity into ten loose super-cultural groups, mostly based upon their real-world region.

First is the Atenaptrans. They are fertile crescent/middle east. Egyptian, Hebrew, Persian, Hittite, Babylonian, Sumerian etc. they are also the most powerful of the groups and is where the vast majority of the story takes place.

Second is the Themacians.  They are the second most powerful and are based on the Mediterranean peoples, so Roman, Greek, Carthaginian, etc.

Third is the Bythigals,  they are mid/northern Europeans, so the norse and gaelic tribes.

Forth is Marjahi, which would the Indian, Indonesian, and Camobidian peoples.

Fifth is the Hyunjin, which is the far east, so Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean etc.

The Sixth is the Svulic, which is everything from the Russian continent, so the ancient Scythians to the Mongolians.

Seventh is the Zukali, which is the large assortment of African tribes.

Eighth is the Mautuka, these are your islander peoples, like the Polynesians and Micronesians.

Last two are the Tawa (the north American tribes) and Iztotia (Mesoamerican peoples)


So, the most of the story is going to be in a middle-eastern type setting (with some of my own fantasy flair),  but between some politicking that might happen or the journey of some characters, I am hoping to really explore some more of the regions. I don’t really know if I have a favorite per se, the different expressions of culture and art can all beautiful if they are done out of the purity God originally intended, and that is one of the things I hope to show in the serious.

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