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Good to meet you too 🙂

Technically fantasy, it is set on a different world and it does include magic and dragons, but otherwise I am trying to make as alternate history feeling as possible. Partly to demonstrate how the unfallen world should have been, so much of the art and culture of the different human societies are straight from the different ones here on earth.

And yep! I am interested in delving into other members of the Inklings as well, Charles Williams in particular, have you read any of his stuff? (oh, and if you want a great book about the Inklings, check out Bandersnatch)

Sounds interesting, have you posted any of your story here on the forums?

Oh, pen & paper RPGs are things like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Dungeon World etc. they can run the gambit between heavy emphasis on gameplay mechanics to heavy emphasis on storytelling. They are sometimes called cooperative storytelling games, as the players make characters and the GM (gamemaster) puts them into the world. It is quiet a bit different from other mediums of storytelling as you can imagine.

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