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Thank you! I’m glad it works!

My story is set in a fantasy world inspired by medieval North Africa and the middle-east, so researching the clothing for that was hard. I end up settling on historical feasibility, which just means I think of what materials and methods they have and work from there. An interesting feature of that and later times (Up to the industrial revolution) is that most pieces of clothing were made entirely from triangles and rectangles to minimize waste.

There are a few defining characteristics that fashion of that time and era shared, for example, some necklines and sleeve shapes were very popular. I mostly play with that while drawing, since it’s entirely irrelevant to the story XD

And here’s the part that comes right after the description:

“You brought your knives? Why, for heaven’s sake?” I asked, exasperated. Sahar always had at least two throwing knives hidden somewhere.

Sahar smiled even brighter, picking up the blade.

“You should see how well it works! When I get cornered in a conversation with some Gitakan (Another tribe) boy who can’t think beyond mathematics or political structures, I just do this.”

She picked up the dagger. Her kohl-lined eyes widened and she tilted her head as though listening to someone making an astonished remark.

“Oh, these? I can hit someone in the heart from fifty paces. Would you like to see?” She told the invisible bystander, innocently.

I laughed.

“Does it work?”

Sahar raised her skirts and slipped the dagger back into the scabbard strapped to her leg.

“Every time. Those Gitakan boys are sissies when it comes to lethal weapons,” Sahar said, cheerfully.

Yeah… that’s just what she’s like XD

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