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@daeus-lamb Cool topic!

Oddly enough, the world usually comes first for me. Generally just a rough area and time period that I can world build off of, and from there, I figure out what may be issues in that world.

Any kind of conflict or friction is generally a starting point. If there isn’t anything in particular, I might start from a cool character dynamic. From there, I get a loose theme, which then fuels the main character arc. Sometimes I have the character arc first and the theme second, and sometimes theme falls by the wayside and I have to figure it out later.

Once I have that, I get the plot and character arc at the same time.

Then I start thinking of subplots and side characters. I refine all of that until it fits together, which usually requires partially starting over. This part takes eternal dead ends, inspiration blocks, and scrapping ideas, but then I can finally start writing.


Being an artist, I usually visualize them first, and then move to personality, then base the character arc off of the personality.

Totally relate to that! More often than not, I’ll have a color palette before I have a personality XD Not exactly useful, but it gets me thinking XD

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