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I think I’d like to jump in… sorry if I should’ve asked first. I don’t see anything I can critique.

In this moment, the main character (Jade) has woken up in the monster’s (Fabian) hut. He is looking around and after trying to get his bearings, he is studying the monster he distrusts while the monster is focused on cleaning Jade’s space helmet. (do you need more context for the description?). Also, HSI stands for Human Sciences Institute or something like that. I don’t remember exactly.


What was he doing here? Waiting to become the thrid’s dinner? Jade took a better look at the monster, it was now wearing a pair of well-fitting pants, its broad chest exposed to reveal the muscle that rippled under its scales. He frowned; and examined the hand-like claws as they worked, their length was proportionate to the lizard, strong and thick skinned but obviously dexterous. An anthropomorph? No brainer HSI wanted the body back along with whatever Jade had to steal. This was anything but common.

We crazy people are the normal ones.

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