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Kylie S. Pierce

What were some of the best character death’s you’ve read or written?

I haven’t written a death yet (planning to at some point though), but I have to say my favorite (a.k.a. the most heart wrenching, bittersweet, and beautiful) death I’ve read would have to be Janner Wingfeather’s death in the Wingfeather Saga. It hurt so much, but it was so beautiful. It was a sacrificial death, but it was well done, and wasn’t really cliché. At all. And, he might be resurrected, so that takes away the pain a tiny bit.

What cliches involved in deaths do you despise?

The one where they morn the character for a page or two, and then completely forget about it because they’re in the midst of a battle. COME ON!!!!!! If this character meant anything to you, would you forget about him/her that fast!!!!!!!


I will stop my beginning rant now.

What cliches do you like?

The sacrificial death. It brings tears to my eyes almost every time. (Granted I am softhearted towards characters–unless they deserve what they get *cough* Bonifer Squoon *cough*).

What makes a character death sad for you?

When the other characters never got to say good-bye. It makes my heart hurt.

What character deaths made you want to stop reading the book?

Janner Wingfeather’s–except his was at the end of the book.

Any misc. info you’d like to share?

Um, no?

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