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That’s great! It’s awesome to get a good reader for your book and big brothers are the best!

LOL, definitely! Though, it keeps proving to me that it’s impossible to write realistic sibling relationships because nobody would believe it. XD My brother and I have an inside joke where we only call each other by wrong names. The names vary, but they’re always ridiculous and have no reason behind them. He’ll frequently refer to me as ‘Sheep’ and I call him ‘Pete’ (That’s not his name. That doesn’t even remotely resemble his name in any way shape or form.) I don’t know when this started, it’s an instinctive thing by this time XD

Lol! That is so cool! If I ever have a character wear clogs that must be somewhere in the story. (Also notes clogs are as bad as heels XD)

LOL! Like, I’m talking about the modern clogs (Google calls them ‘Swedish clogs’) that have leather tops, but I think the same thing applies to the old-fashioned ones. And yes, they’re exactly as bad as heels! Mostly because they have like a three cm platform and a five cm heel, so they’re pretty high. They’re oddly comfortable though?! Like, they’re better than boots because you can put them on quickly, they dry fast, and I think they float. (Which is important since the Netherlands is essentially a massive mud puddle.) And if you kick something with traditional clogs, you don’t hurt your feet and they’re perfect for wearing when you’re working with horses because if they step on your feet, you literally won’t feel anything XD You do sound like a horse when you’re walking on concrete or any hard surface XD I’ve tried to sneak up on people on clogs and it’s an awkward and painstaking process XD

I just waxed poetical about clogs. This is an entirely new level of Dutch XD Anyway, if you do want to use it, it was common in lots of countries among the peasant class because they’re so practical and last really long.

Exactly! Like how do they think this relationship will work without a solid foundation?! I’d never ever wanna date someone until I’d bonded with him as a friend for at least a year.

Exactly! It’s become a standard that ‘leading lady’ and ‘leading guy’ become a couple. So much so that any relationship is expected unless blatantly disproved. Some authors try to keep their options open for way too long which leads to a lot of ‘will-they-won’t-they’ which I find deeply annoying.

Oh random question; do you ever notice different ways your prayer life affects your writing or your themes?

Fabulous question! I’ve found that it very often goes both ways, like, if I’m writing about a specific theme and I’m really getting into a character’s fears and lies and stuff like that, I’ll often go like “Huh, why do I know this? This feels familiar…”And then I’ll often figure out either a lie that I used to believe or still do.

And it’s kinda a weird feeling when something happens and you go like “Wait a minute, this person is acting like ‘Character’! Hmmm…” (I never know if I was unconsciously basing that character off the person or if I just noticed it because of that.)

And sometimes I feel like He’s really telling me something, like, my story ideas, and songs I discover, and people I meet all point to one specific thing, and often I’ll end up writing about that, just to figure it out. Writing really helps me work through stuff because you get perspective. Like, you have to see the bigger picture and you’re really close and somehow not too close anymore, all at the same time. And you can’t skim over anything. You have to figure it out in-depth.

Now and then, everything will somehow tie together and it’s both cool and a little scary because you’re really sure what you need to write. While doing the dishes, I accidentally figured out a theme and three character arcs in one swoop this morning. And immediately realized that’s something I have to work on too. That happens a lot. XD

How about you? That was a really cool question and I’d love to hear how that is for you.

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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