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Aww thanks. I keep waiting for life to get less hectic but we’re not quite there yet lol.

Totally get that. That’s why it took me so long to respond. Sorry about that!

Do you like snakes?

From a distance. 😂 I think they are so cool from afar but I don’t want to be near them. Any time we go to the zoo, I love going through the snake house thing mostly because of the spine-chilling thrill. I’m weird like that lol.

There are jaguars and pumas in a couple places, but I’ve only seen them in zoos. As far as ‘animals in the wild’ goes, we mostly have stray cats and stray dogs. Lots of lizards and geckos, too.

Do you have any pets?

Ooh that’s really cool! I wouldn’t want to come face to face with either of those, but it would be cool to see them!

Ugh, I hate lizards. I don’t even enjoy the thrill from them like I do with snakes.

Yeah, we have chickens and I have a bird. She’s a pineapple Conure which is in the parrot family. I know this is coming so I’ll go ahead and answer now… no, she doesn’t talk. I’ve had her for 4(?) years and I’ve never heard her talk. Her previous owner said she can say “pretty girl” but I’m not too sure about that XD

How about you?

I would say I can speak Spanish. Know is a strong word lol.

Do you like/ are you learning any foreign languages?

I totally get that.

I was learning Spanish for a little while with an app called Duolingo, but I didn’t care for the app so I quit. The only thing that really kept me going for as long as I did was the fact that I wanted to learn it so I could understand the Spanish parts of one of my favorite TV shows I Love Lucy. XD

I’ve wanted to learn like every language out there since I was really little, but I doubt that will happen lol. I do have to have some sort of foreign language credit to graduate, so I might try French.

Pardon my very little knowledge on this subject; is that disease you can get treatment for or is it one that’s…well…just there?

No worries! I would know very little about it if I didn’t live with two people that have it. It is just there, but they are trying to create a cure for it. My youngest brother is currently on a trial for one of the newest treatments and it is working for sure! We’re waiting on a call to learn when he goes back on it (his last round with it was a few months ago). He is actually the youngest in for sure the US- the doctors are almost positive the world- to ever be on this treatment, so that was pretty cool to learn.

And that’s perfectly fine. You go and do what you think you are made to do.

What is your career plan? or at least what do you want to do? At our age, we don’t really have plans lol.

Hmm I’m not really a “movie person” in the first place, but I like Wonder, Princess Bride, and Christopher Robin. (I was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh when I was little, so it’s just nostalgic XD).

Ok, cool! Hahaha, I was a Dora the Explorer girl.

How about you? What’s are your favorite movies? And are you more of a bookish person or movie person?

Ok, you’re about to find out how big of a kid I am at heart XD

My current movie obsessions, My favorite movies at the moment are High School Musical and Twilight. *grins widely* I also love pretty much all Disney movies. I know every word to every song from Frozen and several others. But especially Frozen.

I guess I’m a bit of both. I don’t watch many movies to begin with- or rather, I watch a lot of movies I’m just not glued to the Tv 24/7- but if I have a really good book, I’m more likely to watch very little movies, and vice versa. But my life basically revolves around books, TV, and music. At least one has to be happening or I might explode. I’m only half way kidding. That’s just how I am 😁

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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