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*Jumps in way too late*

Hey Rose! Wonderful idea! Thank you so much for tagging me!

Let me see…I only have a million and one descriptions that need to be looked over.

This short paragraph is the description of my pirates. I do put other details in throughout the few chapters that they are in, but this is the best piece of the story that describes them. Also, don’t laugh too hard. I wrote it back when I was still new to writing XD

As he cautiously walked down the hall, Pete came as well going the opposite direction. He was surely the most intimidating pirate on board. He was taller and larger than Blaise and had sharp, jet black hair. He had a large nose and a large chin, along with small, dark eyes. The other pirates looked nowhere near as petrifying as Pete did. Olin was a little bit taller than Julian. He had grey hair and a matching, thick mustache. Blaise was tall with a bald head. And Captain Langdon was tall and thin, with a clean-shaven face.  

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