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My older brother isn’t a writer, but we read a lot of the same books and like the same genres. (It’s awesome to have someone to discuss the books with) and he’s always the first person to hear what I’ve written. His reactions are perfect because they’re extremely genuine so whenever I hear him go “Oh!” or “Ouch…” I’ll know I achieved what I intended. Also, he often sort of explains the subtext back to me, which is awesome because I know if I got my point across properly.

That’s great! It’s awesome to get a good reader for your book and big brothers are the best!

In case you were wondering, it’s possible to yank off a clog while running and hurl it at a target, but you do have to slow down some. This is only when you can actually run on clogs, which takes practice and way too many twisted ankles before you master it XD

Lol! That is so cool! If I ever have a character wear clogs that must be somewhere in the story. (Also notes clogs are as bad as heels XD)

One of my favorite things about Wolf is how he scares the daylights out of everyone the first time they meet him but he’s actually really shy, it’s a really funny contrast XD

IKR! He was a great character, and so cute!

I really love the friends-to-lovers trope, when characters seem to already love each other but like, as friends, and then the love just sort of changes, Idk, I really love that XD I’m kind of tired of characters who completely skip the friendship stage, it seems kind of unnatural.

Exactly! Like how do they think this relationship will work without a solid foundation?! I’d never ever wanna date someone until I’d bonded with him as a friend for at least a year.
Oh random question; do you ever notice different ways your prayer life affects your writing or your themes?

Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

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