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So like, you’d think we’d be stepping over each other’s toes but it’s actually been really smooth so far kinda like a mutual respect for each party’s area-of-expertise. So it’s been pretty fun so far.<3

That sounds so awesome! That means you have the best of both worlds and it’ll be spectacular! Wow, I can totally see how amazing that’ll be!

My older brother isn’t a writer, but we read a lot of the same books and like the same genres. (It’s awesome to have someone to discuss the books with) and he’s always the first person to hear what I’ve written. His reactions are perfect because they’re extremely genuine so whenever I hear him go “Oh!” or “Ouch…” I’ll know I achieved what I intended. Also, he often sort of explains the subtext back to me, which is awesome because I know if I got my point across properly.

LOL! My mom was making soap and I was like ‘with your soap recipe and all do you have enough lye to destroy a body?’ and Mom–not even fazed–was like ‘oh no, if I buy in that much bulk it’ll flag the police a little.’ ‘What if it’s inhaled, like that looks like pudding right there?’ Etc. But like all my siblings are writers too so that makes for some pretty interesting dinner conversations XD.

LOL! (Filing that bit of information away XD) I often ask my mum pretty suspicious sounding questions, because she has a medical background, so it’s often like. “How much blood would you lose if the cut is like that?” or “Would this need sutures?” and even stuff like “Could poison cause paralysis?” Yeah, it gets a bit weird sometimes XD

Cool! That’s way happier than the example I heard, like, this donor committed suicide and then the person who received his organs ended up killing himself in the exact same way *shivers* some of those are cool and some are creepy XD. But like people can be shot right through the head and survive and those stories are like ‘How are you not dead!?!’ And like, man! Neuroscience is both crazy cool and crazy creepy!

Oh, yes! I heard that one too! Yeah, it’s fascinating!!

Why google when you can test it lol?!
Aw man and all I have to throw are just sneakers! You must have some pretty good aim! Poor hay bales, their unjust execution will be remembered as a cruel inhumane crime for bales to come

LOL! I just hurled it in the vague general direction, but they fly really nice and straight! I did kind of lose one in the hay bales for a few months, but I found it again, so that isn’t an issue XD In case you were wondering, it’s possible to yank off a clog while running and hurl it at a target, but you do have to slow down some. This is only when you can actually run on clogs, which takes practice and way too many twisted ankles before you master it XD

See I loved Wolf but I wasn’t a hug fan of Scarlet, but it was still pretty interesting for their characters. Maybe if there’d been an instant attraction and all but the ship dropped to friendship, that would’ve worked considering how sheltered Wolf had been to be attracted to anybody who was even halfway nice to him. And then maybe reship as they develop idk, it was a good romance not a great ship.

Wow, that would have been so much better! And it would have made a lot more sense for Wolf too since he just didn’t have friends before that. One of my favorite things about Wolf is how he scares the daylights out of everyone the first time they meet him but he’s actually really shy, it’s a really funny contrast XD

both of those though I just have a thing for slow-burn ships I’m tired of the first kiss I want the other relationship milestones too; first problem to work thru together, first real leap of trust, proposal, first months settling to marriage, first kid I’m so off topic…

IKR! I really love the friends-to-lovers trope, when characters seem to already love each other but like, as friends, and then the love just sort of changes, Idk, I really love that XD I’m kind of tired of characters who completely skip the friendship stage, it seems kind of unnatural.


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