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LOL, it must be tricky to get the two styles to match up XD But I can see that the combination will be spectacular!

It’s actually like oddly easy; @rusted-knight’s strengths are my weaknesses and reverse so like he wrote this great structure this clear concise plot and I’m basically complicating it with extra character/emotional depth and he’s got all the historic know-how and I write the script and he keeps it on the plot and gives me the practical/historic means and designs in-depth aircraft/shipscraft for me to draw-in for the comic sketches with a lotta realism. So like, you’d think we’d be stepping over each other’s toes but it’s actually been really smooth so far kinda like a mutual respect for each party’s area-of-expertise. So it’s been pretty fun so far.<3

so picture this: I just went up to my brother like, “Hey, I was wondering…. how would you plan an assassination? Theoretically and historically, I mean.” The worst part is that he wasn’t even surprised. I guess he’s too used to me by now. XD

LOL! My mom was making soap and I was like ‘with your soap recipe and all do you have enough lye to destroy a body?’ and Mom–not even fazed–was like ‘oh no, if I buy in that much bulk it’ll flag the police a little.’ ‘What if it’s inhaled, like that looks like pudding right there?’ Etc. But like all my siblings are writers too so that makes for some pretty interesting dinner conversations XD.

though XD I’m right in the middle between left-brain and right-brain. I read the instructions, then adapt them. My mum has exactly the same attitude towards instruction as you XD

See, I have to be a bit left-brained to survive my very left-brained family but I am not naturally in the middle there. Some instructions are…mostly fine most I just hurl out the window as suggestions.

Yes!! I heard about that! It’s both creepy and cool at the same time! I once read about a girl who was in an accident and then she started writing upside-down and mirrored constantly. A couple of years later, she bumped her head hard and started writing normally again. Honestly, it’s so cool that stuff like that can happen!

Cool! That’s way happier than the example I heard, like, this donor committed suicide and then the person who received his organs ended up killing himself in the exact same way *shivers* some of those are cool and some are creepy XD. But like people can be shot right through the head and survive and those stories are like ‘How are you not dead!?!’ And like, man! Neuroscience is both crazy cool and crazy creepy!

Literally, the funniest thing is when you put her and Liorah together. Liorah scares the daylights out of her, unintentionally XD And Liorah is like… ten inches taller than her (Faye is only 5 feet smol) so anytime they go somewhere poor Faye has the “Wait for me, I have little legs!” scenario.

Lol, that’s so cute! Faye’d definitely be a contrast to Liorah!

Fun fact: I had to figure out if you could aim accurately while throwing clogs, and how far they would go. Did I google this, like a normal person? Of course not! I took mine and did some experimentation for scientific reasons. XD In case you were wondering, they’re heavier than they look, but they hit hard and right on the mark. Only hay bales were harmed XD

Why google when you can test it lol?!
Aw man and all I have to throw are just sneakers! You must have some pretty good aim! Poor hay bales, their unjust execution will be remembered as a cruel inhumane crime for bales to come 😛

Wolflet was okay, but it felt really rushed. Like, they kissed three days after they met. It fits with Scarlet’s personality, but it still wasn’t my favorite.

See I loved Wolf but I wasn’t a hug fan of Scarlet, but it was still pretty interesting for their characters. Maybe if there’d been an instant attraction and all but the ship dropped to friendship, that would’ve worked considering how sheltered Wolf had been to be attracted to anybody who was even halfway nice to him. And then maybe reship as they develop idk, it was a good romance not a great ship.

Oh, goodness, YES! “You’re in the middle of an action scene! I don’t care that his eyes are really blue!! That’s irrelevant!!” Or even: “You described the darker blue dot in his left eye seven times in the last hundred pages! Get. Over. It.” It annoys me whenever the plot comes to a standstill so the characters can go on and on about how much they adore each other. I don’t like it when romance gets shoved in somewhere just because they can!

Lol ikr!

Now we’re (kind of) on the topic of ships, what is the best one you’ve read about/watched?

Best ships…

Uhhh, actually I have a really hard time shipping any set of characters…I liked Fish and Rose but more as complimentary characters than a ship, I liked Mr. Darcy and Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice mostly because he like roasted her every time he tried to flirt with her lol, both of those though I just have a thing for slow-burn ships I’m tired of the first kiss I want the other relationship milestones too; first problem to work thru together, first real leap of trust, proposal, first months settling to marriage, first kid I’m so off topic…
I…actually don’t have a 100% on-board ship…idk…

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