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*staggers in with manic energy and way too many unfinished projects already*
Ooh cool!
Erk…man I spread my descriptions out…erhm…yeah, uh, lemmie see…
*(riffling through pages and pages of actions with indirect detail here and there nothing clumped together enough to to copy paste)*–Grrr, where’s my–*riffles through slower paced section that just might linger on details…*realizes some of my best descriptions are spread out over five pages of a very awkward first meeting of two characters* Nope not that one *AH HA!!! Finds something pretty nice here…* Ahem, describing my character Alessio from my longest-standing WIP:

Unsteady, with that weird sense of space and altered awareness from pain, Alessio glances warily along the inn before creeping down the staircase, clutching the rails for support. His thumb bumps the scar on his forehead thoughtlessly as he tugs the hood over his face. Ember eyes still in a daze focused on each step as if staring at no one would keep them from staring at him.
Dry air bashes him the moment he steps outside, curling burnt tangles of hair into his eyes again, almost concealing his scar.

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