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But what makes these intelligent villains extremely creepy is when they are so so so clever and they anticipate everything the good guys do and it just…gives me the chills. At how intelligence can be twisted and used for evil. But at the same time what they do makes sense and it’s all so clever.

Oooh, YES! I love it when that happens! And when villains have an entirely flawless motive and they’ve entirely justified what they’re doing, that’s so much fun to read!


I’d also like to see pictures of everyone’s favorite villain.

Here’s my all-time favorite:

Bevin Conner from the Ascendence series.

I did not make the fanart, (Credit to the artist, cause that picture is awesome! I can’t find their name XD)  but it’s exactly like I imagined him and it’s really close to the description.

I think the author did a really good job of using him as a foil for the MC, Sage, both in character and appearance. Their key differences in appearance are that Conner is a well-off noble, and dresses like it. Sage is an orphan who wears rags like he was born in them.

Here’s Conner’s description:

“He grabbed my shirt and yanked me to my feet. Our eyes locked as he lifted me. His were dark brown and more tightly focused than I’d ever seen before. He smiled slightly as he studied me, his thin mouth barely visible behind a neatly trimmed brown beard. He looked to be somewhere in his forties and dressed in the fine clothes of the upper class, but based on the way he’d lifted me, he was much stronger than I expected of a nobleman.”

This description is cool because it tells us some things about him right off. He’s rich and evidently takes his position seriously. His eyes are focused, and Conner as a person is very focused on his goals. (That was an English-teacher-esque analysis, but who knows? Maybe I’m right XD)  He’s stronger than he looks, and he’s definitely not a pushover.

In comparison, here’s Sage’s description.

“Nothing about me was remarkable. I was only of medium height, one of the many ways I’d disappointed my father, who had felt that it would hinder my success. (I disagreed– tall people fit in fewer hiding places.) My hair was badly in need of cutting, tangled, and dark blond but getting lighter with each passing month. And I had a forgettable face, which, again, worked in my favor.”

You immediately notice the difference between them. Sage is very average looking, but he doesn’t mind, he almost seems to be proud of it, in a sarcastic, slightly bitter way.

Anyway, I think Conner is a cool villain whose appearance isn’t his frightening feature.

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