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Lol! Exactly the same for me I started co-writing with rusted-knight cos his first draft was so intriguing and it had the structure and he has all the complicated, historical setup and reference to work with.

LOL, it must be tricky to get the two styles to match up XD But I can see that the combination will be spectacular!

Funny story, I was once loosely planning an idea but I couldn’t figure out how to make it practical, so picture this: I just went up to my brother like, “Hey, I was wondering…. how would you plan an assassination? Theoretically and historically, I mean.” The worst part is that he wasn’t even surprised. I guess he’s too used to me by now. XD

Yes! I’ve heard that one (and felt it). I am soooooo right-brained in a more left-brained family and I’ll do something new that’s artistic or crafty and they’ll be like “FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER!!!” and I’ll be like “I’M RIGHT-BRAINING HERE THE INSTRUCTIONS DON’T HELP ME SO JUST HOLD YOUR WAFFLE!!!!!” except, since I have the spine of a chicken nugget I don’t actually say that XD.

LOL, I too hath the spine of a courageous chicken nugget XD That’s just the best way of putting it, though XD
I’m right in the middle between left-brain and right-brain. I read the instructions, then adapt them. My mum has exactly the same attitude towards instruction as you XD

Oh have you heard about DNA memory? It’s really cool like sometimes if someone has a transplant or something they’ll get a couple of the memories or attitudes of the organ-donor. Or like, some cases when somebody’s shot in the head and suddenly they acquire this crazy skill. Did ya know the mind actually does have an eye-shaped organ right on your forehead?

Yes!! I heard about that! It’s both creepy and cool at the same time! I once read about a girl who was in an accident and then she started writing upside-down and mirrored constantly. A couple of years later, she bumped her head hard and started writing normally again. Honestly, it’s so cool that stuff like that can happen!

Aw Faye…*(yeah that’d be one of my worst flaws too ‘don’t rock the boat’)*

LOL, definitely me too! Faye is probably one of the characters I relate to the most!
Literally, the funniest thing is when you put her and Liorah together. Liorah scares the daylights out of her, unintentionally XD And Liorah is like… ten inches taller than her (Faye is only 5 feet smol) so anytime they go somewhere poor Faye has the “Wait for me, I have little legs!” scenario.
Faye is having some cool character development though! I have a plan, but like… loosely. I’m not sure where it’s going.

Oh yeah! I’ve thrown my shoe before! *for years Mom had to keep reminding me to wear shoes outside lol I hate shoes. A lot.* I love how while running from someone she still hobbles back on one foot to grab her shoe!

The ‘losing shoe in mud and hopping back to get it’ and ‘shoe throwing’ are two separate occasions XD At that point Faye is wearing wooden clogs though, so if you actually hit someone with it, you’ll definitely stop them XD

Fun fact: I had to figure out if you could aim accurately while throwing clogs, and how far they would go. Did I google this, like a normal person? Of course not! I took mine and did some experimentation for scientific reasons. XD In case you were wondering, they’re heavier than they look, but they hit hard and right on the mark. Only hay bales were harmed XD

Yeah the Lunar Chronicles (at the least the first two books which is all I’ve read XD) had a great aesthetic but Cinder and Prince Kai just seemed too ‘dream girl/dream boy’ to me, I didn’t mind Wolf and Scarlet so much with that but both ships felt underdeveloped and neither of them was actually love but romantic attraction. I feel like her theme on manipulation was interesting but a little confused like the author hadn’t decided what she believed about it herself but then maybe it was just building for the next books. But it had such a fascinating setting I could almost see it in Manga ya’know? And the plot idea was cool and intriguing. It was nice, but I feel like she could’ve layered her theme more it was a great theme to look at and I wasn’t all-in on the ships but I’m not a particularly romantic person there XD.

I totally agree with all the points! I feel like she wasn’t committed to her theme, so it wasn’t as deep as it could be. She was sort of vibrating between a few themes. (Yeah, I’ve done that too XD)

I see what you mean about the ships! They were definitely more attraction than actual love, though I’d say they developed nicely through the last books.

My favorite ship was Wincin/Jacinter (Nobody can decide on what that one was called XD) I feel like they were the only ones who actually developed feelings for each other over years of friendship instead of insta-love.

Cresswell was… okay. I liked the dynamic between them and Thorne got a nice bit of character development, but I wouldn’t say I was entirely on board. These ships both sail in the latter two books, so you probably don’t know what I’m talking about XD It isn’t spoiling though, since it’s really obvious who will end up together XD (Thank goodness for no love triangles!)

Wolflet was okay, but it felt really rushed. Like, they kissed three days after they met. It fits with Scarlet’s personality, but it still wasn’t my favorite. And you’re right about Kaider, it felt kinda too perfect, especially in the first books. I think it got better in Winter (the last book) because they were actually trying to develop a good relationship and trying to understand each other. Still, not my all-time favorite ships. They were kinda cute now and then, but I wasn’t too invested in the ships.

One thing I did like was how the relationships were distinct and worked with the character’s personalities.

Yeah, the setting was awesome! I like how she developed it, too!

This is more personal taste than anything else, but the plot felt really overcomplicated. Like, I was constantly losing track of sub-plots, and it really stretched the length of the books out. (Winter was over 800 pages!!) I feel like it could have done with a little simplification, but I’m the kinda person who likes straightforward, focused plots XD

I actually really liked the friendships and characters individually! I feel like they have interesting, distinct personalities and pretty good development. Cress, Winter, and Wolf were my favorite characters, though I liked all of them.

romance (gag-reflex, although I would like to make a distinction between romance and shipping cos I love ships I just can’t stand impractical gushiness)

Oh, goodness, YES! “You’re in the middle of an action scene! I don’t care that his eyes are really blue!! That’s irrelevant!!” Or even: “You described the darker blue dot in his left eye seven times in the last hundred pages! Get. Over. It.” It annoys me whenever the plot comes to a standstill so the characters can go on and on about how much they adore each other. I don’t like it when romance gets shoved in somewhere just because they can!

I would absolutely recommend Shadow of the Bear

Awesome, I’ll check it out!

See I once watched this cartoon called Megamind that followed that theme lol it was pretty good although not particularly deep but it was pretty funny! But it addressed how the good-guy/bad-guy label gave the superhero (the antagonist) a free-pass for everything while the supervillain (the MC) never got a free-pass for anything growing-up and just decided to roll with it.

OOh, that’s such a cool concept!

Hero/villain dynamics are definitely not brought to their full potential a lot. Like, if the villain ‘converts’ say then suddenly everything’s perfect and on the flip-side if he never ‘converts’ he just stays pure unidentifiable evil. Way too extreme just another stereotype. One of the things I loved in the Person of Interest series was that several of the villains never changed but we still found ourselves rooting for them just as often as we screamed against them, and it had such a slow-burn subtle redemption arc for a couple of the characters but none of the characters stayed through the entire series on the straight and narrow. Even the one character we had full and utter confidence in his moral compass relapsed every so often. It was beautiful…although the last two seasons had some stuff.

Oh, that sounds like they did that really well! I’ve always found redemption arcs very cool when done well, but it often feels rushed.

Now we’re (kind of) on the topic of ships, what is the best one you’ve read about/watched?
Okay, my favorite is kind of unexpected XD Both couples in Signed, Sealed, and Delivered are the cutest and best-written ships I’ve seen in a really, really long time. That show in general is spectacular, honestly! The writers really know what they’re doing. It’s Christian, but it’s not at all preachy or obvious. It’s kind of a background influence to the series, but you can really see it coming through.

It’s a Hallmark series, but it doesn’t shy away from darker themes and bittersweet endings, and it handles them well!

The characters in that series!!! I honestly can’t describe how awesome they are! The characters are quirky, fun, and really well-developed. They have a lot of depth, and the relationships work great. Also, the romance isn’t stretched out or rushed, it’s just right. And it doesn’t take all the screentime, the general plot keeps going as well.
The photography, set design, costume design, writing, everything basically, is awesome!

Okay, I’ll stop now, but it was awesome. There wasn’t a single disappointing episode and it honestly had me in tears a few times, although I don’t cry easily with movies. (Hachi was an exception and should not be counted. And Where the Red Fern Grows. Apparently, dog movies are my weakness XD)

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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